october landscaping leaves

Although we’re pretty close to the end of the planting season, there are still many landscaping jobs that can be done in October.  From preparing your yard for winter to getting in those last cold hardy plants or decorating for Halloween, this season still provides enough tasks to keep you busy.  To help you plan your October landscaping ideas, we’ve come up with this article.


This is the season for raking.  And although it might seem like a never ending process, eventually the trees will give up the last of their leaves.  Fallen leaves help make great compost when they’re shredded and mixed with nitrogen rich components such as grass clippings, manure and food scraps.  Aim for four parts of leaves with one part nitrogen rich amendment.


You probably don’t want to put away the lawnmower yet because even though the lawn growth has probably slowed significantly, you’re likely to be able to cut it a couple of times more before the snow falls.  Keeping your lawn neat will help it throughout the winter and give you a better start in the spring.


Give your trees a last trim before the frost comes.  Trees become more brittle in the cold and their branches can easily snap when weighed down with snow.  Get rid of any diseased parts – just make sure not to compost them.  You still have time to plant new trees in your landscaping if you’re looking to add to your greenery.  As long as the roots have enough time to take hold before the ground freezes they’ll be okay.


If you have any problems with your outdoor lighting, or want to add more before the clocks go back, now’s the time to get this done.  You really don’t want to be doing this kind of work in the middle of winter.  A well lit yard will help with both security as well as getting around safely during the shorter days of winter.

Tool Clean Up

If you haven’t done it already, now’s the time to clean and put away your summer gardening tools.  Sharpen and oil your shears, clippers and secateurs before storing them for the winter.  Clean up and oil your shovels and spades to prevent rust.  Once you’re sure your lawn is done for the winter you can tune up and store your lawnmower as well.