fall landscaping

As the days start to draw shorter and the sun loses its intensity it’s a sure sign that summer is leaving us and fall will soon give way to snow and ice.  And although you might be thinking of preparations such as preparing a Halloween costume or organizing a Grey Cup party, you should also think about your house and yard.  Preparing your property for fall will ensure that come springtime you’ll be able to enjoy your landscaping to its fullest extent. In this article we go over four landscaping tips to prepare your home for fall.

Remove Dead Plant Materials

It’s a good idea to remove any dead plant materials from your property before winter hits.  Leaving it sitting around until the snow flies will encourage the growth of molds and mildews which can cause havoc for your lawn and other plants.  Rake up the fallen leaves, trim back dead tree limbs and remove the remnants of dead annuals and perennials. A clean yard will make for a more pleasant winter and springtime.

Scrub Down Your House

Once the cold weather arrives and the ground is covered in snow, it’ll be too late to give the exterior of your house a good scrub down.  When there are no longer any leaves on the trees, the dirt and dust on your house will become a lot more visible. Take care of it now and you’ll thank yourself once the temperatures drop.  Take your garden hose to your siding, clean out your gutters, wash the outsides of your windows and, if need be, consider a new coat of paint.

Mow The Lawn

For a fresh start come spring, make sure to give your lawn a trim before the snow falls.  Getting down to around 2 inches should be sufficient and will allow it to make it through the winter and come back thick and green in the spring.  Rake and mulch the leaves and spread them around the base of your trees.

Add New Shrubs

Planting shrubs in fall gives them a chance to establish their rooting system before the weather gets too warm.  And with most of your gardening duties finished for the year, you should have time to dig a few holes and pop them in.  Not only will this ensure a green spring, it’ll remove one more item off your springtime to-do list.