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When someone visits your home, the first thing they notice isn’t the house itself, but the exterior. That means the landscaping design: lawn, woodwork, stonework and garden. Things like pool design and premium lighting also accentuate the beauty of a home’s exterior.

Here at M&S Architectural Ltd, we understand the importance of landscape features that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional. That’s why we design and implement premium-grade projects in a variety of areas. Here are our specializations:

  • Stonework – A gorgeous yard isn’t complete without properly-applied stonework. Our expert masons do everything from retaining walls to flagstone patios. Most importantly, our design team will choose the materials and map out the construction details only after having a consultation with you, making sure the project fits your home perfectly.
  • Artificial Turf – More and more homeowners across Canada are choosing artificial turf for their yards, and why not? Artificial turf keeps your lawn looking green during the cold winter months, and it’s extremely easy to maintain.

If you’re a golfer, then this landscaping design feature has priceless value! Imagine having a backyard putting green that you can use during all months of the year?

  • Woodwork – This aspect of landscaping is as much functional as it is aesthetic. At M&S Architectural we create excellent wood patios, decks, walkways and handrails, making your yard more comfortable than ever. We employ only the best craftsmen in the Toronto area, ensuring that all structures are both durable and visually appealing.
  • Lighting – While not always considered part of landscaping design, lighting is extremely important to a home’s exterior. It accentuates the home’s appearance during evening hours, but most importantly increases safety and security. Perhaps you have a backyard swimming pool, or your children like to play outside during twilight hours.

The best aspect of our lighting systems is that they are specially designed to keep artificial light from entering the home’s interior. No matter how bright it is outside, your home will be dark as night during the late hours!

Now that you know about the excellent services provided by M&S Architectural Ltd, why don’t you give us a call? Located in Bradford and serving the entire Toronto area, we’ve built a reputation as a landscaping design and pool design company that does excellent work and puts the customer’s preferences first. We handle the entire process: design, planting layouts, financial budgeting and implementation. Call today at 905-778-0015!

M & S Architectural provides innovative landscaping design that is beautiful and functional, based on years of experience in the Ontario area.