woodworking landscaping toronto

The main difference between a house and a home is comfort: if you are comfortable, you are home. We at M&S Architectural Ltd. pride ourselves in our ability to assist our clients in making the transition from house to home, especially through the work of our skilled woodworking artisans. Through patience, experience and skill, we are able to blend the comfort of the interior of your home while maintaining the freedom of the outside seamlessly into a single experience.

Woodworking: Durability, Strength and Versatility

One key way to make your patio a truly versatile part of the living, natural space of a home is to incorporate nature. The skill of our talented woodworkers is using this specific aspect of nature, especially in roofing, to work in concert with lighting and artificial turf to create a space that is more than a patio or an outdoor kitchen and truly part of your home while blending into and augmenting your yard and property.

Using wood outdoors is occasionally frowned upon, but this is merely the result of poor craftsmanship. Our craftsmen and their woodworking abilities are top-notch, we would not employ them or offer their services to you otherwise. We believe we have found the best workers in the King City, Caledon, Newmarket and Aurora areas to offer their skills in building you a strong, durable feature of your outdoor experience that extends and promotes its use.

The M&S Architectural Ltd. Advantage

What sets us apart from the competition is simple; we have hired the best people available to consult with you in all aspects of your outdoor kitchen experience. We have the tools, you have the ideas and we put our abilities to work for you. Our experts in lighting, woodworking, roofing, patios and outdoor kitchens are employed for their talent to make your dream home a reality.

Talent and commitment are hallmarks of M&S Architectural Ltd. We firmly believe in our ability to help you realize your dream home and help to make your back yard a more functional part of your everyday life. From our first consultation to the laying of the last brick, we are committed to building your ideal surroundings. It is our dedication to our clients that sets us apart from the competition in the field.

Our services are available to anyone in the King City, Caledon, Newmarket and Aurora areas who wishes to improve upon their home and outdoor or back yard experience.