4 Money Saving Landscaping Tips

When it comes to landscaping, choosing the proper seasons for certain tasks will save you not only money, but time.  Picking the right seasons for landscaping tasks will bring down the amount of effort required and the amount of money that needs to be spend.  This article covers four seasonal tips that will lower your costs as well as the time you need to spend on landscaping.

 Fall Planning For Spring

By doing a “spring clean” of your yard in the fall you will give you a landscaping advantage come spring.  If you wait until after spring arrives, you’ll be constantly playing catch up and will find it tough to get ahead in your landscaping tasks.  An added bonus is that most gardening tools and supplies will be available for a lot less money than they will come spring.

 Make Changes In Late Spring

If you start second guessing your efforts too early in the spring you may not have the advantage of understanding the full picture of what will occur as the weather gets warmer.  Waiting until late spring to make any changes in your landscaping plans will allow your plants to fully adjust to the new season.  If you decide things aren’t working too early in the season you may end up needlessly spending money to fix things that would fix themselves if given time.

 Make A Fall Plan In The Summer

Once your garden is in full swing you’ll have a much better idea of what will need to be done come fall.  By planning your autumn moves in advance you can take advantage of sales as they occur rather than having to buy everything at the last minute whether its on sale or not.  Make you sure you enjoy the peak season, but keep an eye looking forward to the fall.

 Add New Plants In The Fall

The problem with adding new plants in the summer months is that the heat and relentless sun can make it very tough for them to survive.  You’ll need to be more vigilant with watering and possibly provide shade for new transplants.  Waiting until fall to introduce new plants or move older ones will provide a less stressful environment and increase your chances of success.