fall landscaping tips

With the change in season you should also have a change of decor around your yard and home.  The fall season provides a lot of options when it comes to switching up your decor. Read on to discover seven top autumn landscaping decor tips.

Roll Out The Gourds

Line the stairs leading up to your front door with pumpkins and other fall gourds.  Use a number of different types, sizes and colours. Try adding flairs of greenery to give it a natural farmer’s field look .

Colour Up The Gourds

Try painting a pumpkin or few a different colour than orange.  Something that stands out might seem outlandish, but if can have a great effect.  Try whitewashing the pumpkins or adding some pink stripes.

Get Corny

Fall provides a wide variety of ornamental corn.  Find cobs with different coloured kernels and tie them to your banister or hang them on your door.

Use Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are cold resistant and therefore the perfect flower for fall decorations.  They come in a wide array of colours, so pick a couple or go whole hog and put together as many as you can get your hands on.  Try different containers such as an old fashioned watering can, wheelbarrow or weaved basket.

Add Kales And Cabbages

Decorative kales and cabbages are also cold resistant plants that look even better as it starts to get colder.  They’ll add some vibrant colours to your landscape that will continue to deepen even after the snow falls.

Feed The Birds

Birds look to the fall as their last chance to fatten up for the long winter or before they fly south.  Take advantage of their appetites and place seeds and suet in or around your fall decorations to add some actual life to the scenery.

Use Hay Bales

Hay bales are a good way to get a layered effect around your front door.  By standing one on end and another lengthwise you’ll end up with at least three levels on which to place other decorations.