We all know that appearances and first impressions are really important in business. If your business is managing a corporate rental property or office park, landscaping design goes a long way in attracting quality, long term tenants. Here are the top five reasons why you should ensure that your office park is properly landscaped and attractive as possible in order to maximize your leasing opportunities.

Quality Tenants And Increased Rent

When reputable companies are looking for space to rent, they do take the exterior into account as well. They want high-quality landscaping, attention to detail, cleanliness and well-managed areas. Research has shown that customers will associate these values with the companies within the building as well as to the building itself. This is why buildings with good quality landscaping that is well maintained have rental rates around 7% higher than others.

Help Your Clients Attract Consumers

Landscaping attracts consumers and creates a feeling of being welcome. Research has shown that consumers are likely to spend 9 to 12 % more at a retail store with high-quality landscaping. Landscaping also draws attention to the area and gives consumers a visual landmark system which makes it easier for consumers to find. This means that your clients will have more customers, and more income, which makes it less likely that you will have a higher rate of client turnover in your building.

Adds Value To The Community

Landscaping not only adds value to your building, but it also adds value to the community as a whole. It encourages trust and engagement with the local community, creates goodwill and increases the number of local consumers who will engage with business within the building. There is also an increase in the number of local companies who will look to become tenants themselves.

Employee Happiness

Studies have shown that having green space in a working environment makes happier employees. It increases employee satisfaction, can help to reduce work-related stress, creates a calming atmosphere, and it has been suggested that it can even improve employee health.


An SME is a small to medium sized enterprise. These businesses tend to have a different structure to larger corporations, and the working environment tends to be much more close knit. They tend to value employee satisfaction very highly. This means that they tend to look for buildings with ample green space or proximity to parks and recreational facilities. They are much more likely to rent space with landscaping as they value how it impacts employee satisfaction. One survey suggests that greenspace and landscaping are actually the first priority for these companies when they are looking for a new location.

Simply put, this means that it can only be to your organization’s benefit to ensure that your building has well managed, clean and attractive landscaping. Need some inspiration? Contact us today!