Creating a beautiful garden and upgrading your landscaping design doesn’t have to be costly. There are plenty of ways to give a makeover to items you already own and cheaper alternatives to store bought plant solutions. With a bit of thought and a vision of how you would like your yard to look, these budget friendly landscaping hacks can make your lawn the envy of the neighbors without hurting your wallet!


When most people think of landscaping hacks to improve the appearance of their yard, diapers do not come to mind! Disposable diapers can actually keep the soil in potted plants from drying out, especially during the hottest summer months. Diapers are able to hold large amounts of liquid due to an ingredient called hydrogel. It is actually essentially the same item that you can purchase at gardening stores where it is usually labeled as water retention crystals. The crystals work by swelling up as they absorb water, similar to a sponge and retain moisture.

By purchasing cheap diapers and removing the gel content, you can place into a mixing bowl and add enough water until it has formed a thick gel. Then mix an equal amount gel and soil to prepare a pot for flowers and plants. Best of all, this hack is much cheaper than purchasing water crystals designed for landscaping and works just as well to keep your plants hydrated.


A few inexpensive paint hacks go a long way and can be used to create stunning accents for your landscaping. Some simple yet unique ideas to try are:

Glow In The Dark

Believe it or not, you can actually buy glow in the dark paint and it looks fabulous on large outdoor planters. By purchasing used or cheap plant pots and coating with glow in the dark paint, your lawn will be transformed with stunning and sustainable lightening in the evening and they really add a wow factor to your garden.

Glass Spray Paint

Glass spray paint gives a shiny, mirrored effect to the surface it is placed on. Spray two coats on cheap lawn ornaments that you like the shape of to create an eclectic, reflective surface to bounce off rays of light and give a dramatic finishing touch.

Painting Stones
Stones may seem mundane and bland, but with a splash of color can really liven up your outdoor space. The smooth surfaces generally hold paint well and will endure many seasons. Try infusing your garden with blocks of bright colored stones or mix it up with a layered or patterned theme that will complement your foliage.

Create Space

If you have a small outdoor area, use mirrors to create an illusion of more space. By finding some funky, framed mirrors from garage sales or antique stores and placing them strategically in areas such as a wall or fence around your garden, they can make your yard appear much larger and add a creative look.


Reusing and re-purposing are becoming more common and your landscaping can certainly benefit from it. Old wooden chairs can be painted and turned into beautiful flower beds and plant holders by cutting out a hole in the seat area that is large enough to fit a big planter pot in.

Old metal bed frames can also be used to create stunning raised flower beds. Additional decorations such as glass sun catchers or seashells can be dangled from the metal headboard rails for the perfect finish.

With a little bit of creativity and a little time, there are many budget friendly landscaping hacks that can be used to spruce up your garden and make your outdoor living space more enjoyable this year.