April 25, 2022
Insect Repelling Flowers

Seven Flowers That Repel Insects from Your Garden

Although we’ve been slowly learning that insects are an important part of a biodiverse environment, certain insects just become pests to us and our plantings.  Nobody […]
March 1, 2022
Reasons To Build A Pergola

Four Reasons to Consider Building a Pergola

One backyard installation that’s been gaining popularity over the years is the pergola.  These wall-less structures that support an open-aired roof with standing posts have been […]
July 22, 2021
Edible Landscaping

How to Add Edible Plants to Your Landscaping

What's better than an aesthetically pleasing landscape? An edible one! Learn more about "foodscaping" in our latest blog.
June 20, 2020
landscaping aesthetic

How to apply Aesthetics to Your Landscaping

When it comes to landscape design, the goal is to marry aesthetics with function.  You want something that looks good, but which also allows you to […]
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