Create a Stunning Pool Landscape Design with These Lighting Tips

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April 2, 2015
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Create a Stunning Pool Landscape Design with These Lighting Tips

When homeowners start thinking seriously about an outdoor pool, features that often get overlooked are those related to the lighting systems both in and around the pool itself. Without a well thought out pool landscape design a pool can turn into an unwelcoming “black hole” as darkness approaches. In this article we take a look at some options to incorporate into the landscape design of your new pool that not only add beauty to your backyard, but enhance the value of your pool and the safety of its use.

Lighting Placement in Pool Landscape Design

  • Figuring out the right lights and placement for pool landscapes involves a unique set of considerations compared to landscape renovation requirements in yards that don’t have a pool. Ambiance is one consideration. Another issue comes into play when lighting up the area around a pool. This is an area where you or your guests are going to be located for extended periods of time. The lighting has to be sufficient for conversation, eating, drinking and other activities without being overpowering. The path(s) to and from the pool require a lighting strategy that is entirely different from the area around the pool. Lights need to act as miniature lighthouses to guide guests and keep foot traffic relegated to safe paths. Path lights placed around the perimeter of a pool should be located out of the way, in bushes or other types of plant beds. While it might seem like a great idea to place foot lights on the lawn surrounding the pool, you will regret that idea the first time you accidently hit one of the lights with the lawn mower.
  • Another great way to integrate lighting into your pool landscape design is to use an ornamental tree or large decorative bush to hold lights. A good rule of thumb for this approach is to limit the number of lights per tree or bush to three or four at the max. Anymore and the tree will start to detract from the rest of the pool landscape design, rather than complement it.
  • If your pool landscape design includes nearby shade trees they can also be used to hold lights in the upper branches. This type of arrangement is sometimes called “moon lighting” as it gives off a more subtle glow similar to the light that comes from a full moon.
  • If your pool is going to incorporate a decorative waterfall, lights can be built into the waterfall to add additional lighting to the area as well as accentuate the beauty of the waterfall.

These are just a few simple ideas to help get the planning process started. If you aren’t sure what approach to take for optimum pool lighting the people at M&S Architectural Ltd., in Bradford Ontario, will be happy to sit down and outline a plan that is unique to your particular landscape and pool layout. If you are located in any of the surrounding areas, including King City, Caledon, Aurora or Newmarket, we can show you samples of work done for other satisfied customers.

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