Outdoor Living Design Tips

Many of us have more outdoor space on our property than we have indoor space.  To get the best use of our property some thought needs to be put into its design.  Here are five design tips for outdoor living spaces.

Determining Purpose

How you plan to use your outdoor space will play a huge factor in how it should be designed.  Are you keen to have large BBQ parties?  Are you looking for a place to relax in the sun or shade?  Do you have kids or pets that need to be accommodated for?  Each of these scenarios will dictate important aspects of your outdoor living space design.

Working With Your Surroundings

Often, it’s easy to concentrate solely on your immediate plot of land.  However, it’s also important to look beyond your property boundaries.  Do you have an amazing view?  What parts of the yard does the sun reach – or not reach?  Are there parts of your property that are overlooked by the neighbours?  Are there secluded areas that provide some privacy from peering eyes?  Paying attention to what’s going on outside of your property lines can be just as important as what’s happening within them.

Acknowledging Microclimates

Weather patterns can change drastically within a very small area.  Wind corridors, sun exposure, shady areas and reflective surfaces can all affect the comfort levels of various parts of your yard.  Make sure to take microclimates into account when planning on placing furnishings or deciding on what activities will occur where.

Creating A Sheltered Area

Most of the best outdoor living spaces have some type of sheltered area.  It can be used to get out of the rain, to protect yourself from the sun or to provide some protection from strong winds.  There are all sorts of options when it comes to creating shelter which can range from a simple garden umbrella to a full-sized gazebo.

Balanced Lighting 

Having some type of lighting for functional purposes is always important.  That said,  blinding floodlights may illuminate a dark property, but they won’t do much for creating an environment that you’d want to hang out in with family and friends.  Try to strike a balance between functionality and ambience when it comes to lighting your outdoor living space.