Halloween Landscaping

Halloween used to be a holiday strictly geared towards kids.  But over time, it’s become just as much of a celebration among adults as it is for the younger folk.  Halloween parties, costume competitions and especially seasonal landscaping and decorating has become the domain of adult participation in the spooky season.  Because most people have no lack of party invites or costume ideas, in this article we’ll concentrate on some landscaping ideas that adults can implement over the Halloween season.

Front Yard Transformation

If you’re lucky enough to have a front yard to call your own, the Halloween season gives you a great opportunity to transform it into something that will enthrall kids and adults alike.  And it doesn’t take a lot of money to do it either. One transformation that definitely fits the season is to turn your front yard into a graveyard. Working with a box cutter, some felt markers and a stack of old cardboard boxes can do wonders.  Draw some tombstone shapes on the cardboard and cut them out. Give them some colour and spooky names and they’re ready to be placed around your yard. If you’re feeling inspired try fashioning some coffins that you can stake into the ground so they don’t blow away.

Utilize Your Natural Surroundings

Your lawn is probably already covered in leaves, so why not use those for a decorative effect?  You can buy leaf bags that are coloured orange and already have jack o’ lantern faces printed on them, or you can use regular compost bags and decorate them yourself.  You can use dead tree branches or weathered firewood to great effect by placing it strategically around your front yard and sidewalk. Using a combination of fallen leaves and old clothes you should also be able to come up with a pretty effective scarecrow,

Decorate Your Porch And Front Steps

By placing some carved pumpkins, other gourds and dried, coloured corn cobs on your porch or front steps you’ll easily attract Halloweeners to your front door.  Consider adding some small hay bales to give yourself some layers to work with and you’ll be able to create quite an impressive display with only a few key pieces.