As the weather changes from bitter cold to something more conducive to gardening, it becomes time to look forward into the summer and plan what to do with our yards for the coming year.  Just as in the fashion industry, each year brings a new set of trends to the landscaping industry that shapes the way our communities develop. In this article we’ll go over some of the hot summer landscaping trends for 2019.

Watering Technology

Low water landscaping has been trending for at least a few years now.  The results of climate change and the resulting weather extremes have made people more aware when it comes to their use of water.  And while the internet of things has been part of the farming industry for awhile now, it’s only recently that it’s become a factor in landscaping.  There are now smartphone apps that can control the irrigation system of your yard with the incorporation of weather data and other troubleshooting software.  There’s room for a lot of growth when it comes to watering technology, but the base has already been created..

Smaller Shrubs

There’s been a trend of building larger houses on smaller lots which leave less room for gardens, trees, and shrubs.  Dwarf shrubs have become more popular as they fit into smaller areas and require less maintenance but still look great.  At the same time, these smaller plants require less water, fertilizers, and other upkeep.

Natural Lawns

Large patches of green grass require plenty of watering, fertilizer and regular mowing.  However, what was once a symbol of middle-class success now appears slightly more ostentatious than necessary.  To counter this representation of water waste and excessive chemical use, natural lawns have become more popular.  By planting native species, drought-resistant grasses and slow-growing turfs, regular watering, mowing and fertilizing have become things of a bygone era.

Animal-Friendly Yards

Whether you have pets or love wildlife visiting your yard, there are ways to set things up to be more conducive to animals of all types.  For those with domestic pets, giving them an area to dig and do their business means you won’t be disappointed when they do what comes naturally.  For lovers of wild animals, birds, and insects, a careful choice of what you plant and where you plant it will make your yard more attractive to the wildlife.