Privacy in a yard becomes more of a factor as population density increases.  While country dwellers may not have any neighbours for miles, more urbanized residents may be overlooked by several sets of eyes.  If that’s the situation in your case, you may be looking for some separation solutions.  If you’d like to learn how to create privacy in your yard with landscaping, we’ve got the article for you.


Fencing is the obvious solution for creating some separation between you and your neighbours.  There are many different types of fencing that can be used both to delineate boundaries and provide more privacy.  If taller fences are necessary, make sure to check local regulations concerning fence heights.

Hedges And Trees

Hedges, trees or other tall plants are also very popular methods of screening out the neighbours’ views.  They can be used to get around fence height restrictions while also adding colour and texture to the landscape.

Lattice Panels

Lattice panels are similar to fences, but may allow more light to get through.  They can also be combined with climbing plants to create more opacity.  Unlike fences, a single panel can be used without the area seeming unfinished.


A trellis can be very effective in creating some overhead shelter – particularly useful when surrounded by taller buildings.  The combination of the trellis framework and climbing plants can effectively block out the sightlines of those around and above your yard.

Sandblasted Glass

Using sandblasted glass for walls prevents people from seeing through, but still allows sunlight to penetrate.  If walls made of plants or solid fencing block out too much light, sandblasted glass is a convenient option.

Outdoor Curtain

Outdoor curtains can provide an adjustable sanctuary that allows you to control the amount of exposure at any given time.  Erecting a frame to allow curtains to be hung around exposed areas of the yard protects your privacy from scrutinizing eyes.

An Outdoor Room

If your yard is being overlooked from several different angles, creating a three our four walled outdoor room might be the solution to regain some privacy.  The walls can be created using almost any of the materials listed above.