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Landscaping can not only improve the privacy around your pool, it can also improve the area’s safety while enhancing the immediate environment and allowing for better enjoyment of the pool itself.  By utilizing fast growing and dense plants around your yard, you’re able to maximize your privacy without the need for building a fence.  This article will focus on types of plants and their use for creating a wall of privacy around your pool.

Norway Spruce

This evergreen is ideal for privacy because of the heights they can attain, the lower branches they maintain and their ability to grow in a wide range of environments.  Norway spruce are able to adapt to most soil types while easily growing in full sun or moderate shade.  They grow thick, dense branches and have a natural ability for blocking wind.  These trees can grow up to 100 feet tall and 40 feet wide.

 Colorado Blue Spruce

Blue spruce are so named because of their silvery bluish colour.  Their strong root system makes them good for windy environments while their iconic Christmas tree shape allows for maximal privacy.  They are also adaptable to a wide variety of soils and can reach 75 feet in height and 20 feet in width.  As they aren’t as wide as Norway spruce, planting a row of Colorado Blues is the best way to create an impenetrable wall.

 Green Giant Arborvitae

Green giant arborvitae are a fast growing hedge that provide excellent coverage while being  easy to trim.  These hedges are cone shaped and withstand heavy snowfalls quite well.  They are the go-to plants when landscapers are looking to install a privacy hedge.

 Emerald Green Arborvitae

The emerald green arborvitae is a slower grower than the giant green, but requires little maintenance while growing in a variety of environments.  The plant is heat and drought resistant, does well in cold weather, grows to about 12 feet tall and has a slim profile which makes it ideal for tight areas.

 The Natural Solution

Using plants as privacy barriers is much more aesthetically pleasing than building massive fences.  They provide a natural barrier to wind, rain and blowing snow while adding a colourful flair to your yard.  Choosing the right plants to create a privacy barrier goes a long way towards a conducive environment for a swimming pool.