How to Properly Plant and Landscape a Tree

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properly landscape a tree

Unfortunately there’s more to planting a tree than just digging a hole in some dirt and dropping a sapling into it.  But done correctly, a tree will continue to provide benefits for years.  In this article we’ll describe the proper way to plant and landscape a tree.

 Choose The Appropriate Area

Understanding how tall your tree will get, how much sunlight or shade it needs, the type of soil it prefers and if any dropping leaves or fruit will become a nuisance will play an important role in where you plant your tree.  It should last you a lifetime, so choose carefully!

 Dig The Hole

Despite what was said at the beginning of this article, it is true that digging a hole in some dirt is an important part of planting a tree.  However, ensure that the hole is two to three times wider than the root ball and deep enough so the base of the tree trunk sits at ground level.

 Fill The Hole

When you have the tree positioned the way you want it, fill in the hole with soil while making sure the tree stands straight.  Make sure the pack the soil down firmly so that there aren’t any unstable areas or air pockets.

 Water The Tree

Water the tree well and make sure the soil you filled the hole with is saturated.  You don’t want to create a lake or make the area muddy, but just make sure the soil is well watered.

 Protect The Base

After the water has soaked into the ground, provide the tree base some protection by spreading a layer of mulch around, but not touching the tree.  The mulch layer will keep moisture in and protect the roots and the  freshly shoveled soil.

 After Care

Make sure the tree continues to receive water.  If it doesn’t rain, or rainfall is minimal, water the tree once a week to the point where the soil and mulch are damp.  There’s no need to drown the tree, but keep the soil moist.  You won’t need to fertilize the tree for at least a year, so avoid the temptation.

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