Is Artificial Turf Good For Your Lawn

Artificial turf may have been originally created for sports stadiums, but it has undergone enough changes to make it ideal for residential use as well.  Is artificial turf a good choice for your lawn?  In this article we’ll cover several of the advantages that installing artificial grass will provide for today’s homeowner.

Environmentally Sustainable

It’s a bigger issue than it’s ever been, so doing your part for the environment is something that everyone needs to undertake.  Artificial turf is far more environmentally sustainable than traditional lawn grass in a number of ways.  You won’t be needing to water it to keep it green – something that’s even more important in places that experience drought.  You can do away with your lawn mower, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers when your lawn doesn’t actually grow.  Installing fake grass means your lawn is part of the solution rather than a contributor to the problem.

Time Saving

If you consider that you have to mow your lawn about once a week for several months of the year while also spending time weeding, fertilizing and maintaining, you’re losing several days of your precious best-weather seasons to physical labour and monotonous tasks.  Take that time back and use it to do the things you love by installing a patch of artificial turf.  Fake grass virtually takes care of itself without the need for special equipment or nasty chemicals.  Think of the time you’ll save.

Year Round Greenery

With artificial turf, no matter the season or the weather conditions, you’ll have a consistent patch of greenery.  New developments in the appearance of artificial turf ensures it looks more like real grass than ever.  Tiny specks of yellow and brown are added to artificial grass blades so that they look like real grass more than ever before.  From a distance, other than yourself, no one will even know.  You won’t have to worry about dead patches caused by doggy droppings, drought or scorching sun.  Nor will you be tracking mud into the house when it’s wet outside.  Artificial turf is a good choice for your lawn if aesthetic consistency matters to you.