For residents of East Gwillimbury looking for a landscaping contractor with experience in the area, they need look no farther than M&S Architectural. The company has provided landscaping services in East Gwillimbury for more than 30 years. Known as an efficient and reliable specialist when it comes to the installation of outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, covered patios and anything else related to landscaping, M&S has created a solid reputation by concentrating on quality and attention to detail. Boasting an in-house design team, M&S is able to take on any landscaping job required by the residents of East Gwillimbury.

For those looking to employ the in-house design team, they are provided with a free, hour-long no-obligation consultation. Members of the design team will personally visit the property and liaise with the owner to ensure a thorough understanding of the job. Suggestions and advice will be given regarding building permits, landscape grading, dealing with existing structures and more.

Working with the client’s vision and desires, the design team will put together a working plan that takes into account budgetary considerations, limitations of the property and building codes. The meeting will conclude with a quote to cover the costs of the design services.

Upon acceptance of the quote, the design team will draw up plans for reference by all concerned parties. A timeline will be laid out along listing all the necessary jobs related to landscaping and construction. These plans can be discussed and adjusted as necessary to come up with a final plan and budget for the project.

Once the plan is agreed upon, M&S will assign a project manager. They will act as the point-person for all aspects of the job and will be responsible for managing the work crew and ensuring the project is finished on time and within budget.

When working with M&S Architectural you can be assured you’re dealing with someone who has a long history in the community of East Gwillimbury.