M&S Architectural has been working in the Georgina area for over 30 years. If you’re looking for landscaping design build services with experience in the local area, M&S should be your first choice. Able to take on all kinds of landscaping services ranging from swimming pool installations and fitting outdoor kitchens to installing patios, fireplaces, covered outdoor seating areas and artificial turf, M&S Architectural is a one-stop landscaping service company that prides itself on customer service and satisfaction.

M&S has its own in-house architectural design team that can help refine and perfect your landscaping ideas and visions. There’s a free, one hour consultation service that will see M&S employees visit your property to get a firsthand familiarity with your situation while listening to what you envision and how you’d like to accomplish it. The M&S team will provide advice and suggestions regarding construction methods, building permits and integration with any existing structures. Experience with local building codes will ensure any projects will run without bureaucratic delays.

The design team will take into account budgetary concerns and property limitations when coming up with a quote to cover the cost of the landscape design build services. M&S is also happy to work with plans furnished by an outside design team or the client themselves.

Upon approval of the landscape design build services budget, the M&S team will generate scalable, computer rendered plans that will act as the basis for the entire project. These plans will cover construction, installation and all hard and soft landscaping requirements for the project. Once approved by the client, a budget for the landscaping project will be drawn up.

Upon final approval of the landscaping budget, a project manager will be assigned to the job. They will be responsible for putting together and overseeing a team of tradespeople that will complete the project. The project manager will also act as the liaison between the workers and the client. The main focus of the project manager will be to ensure the job gets done properly while staying within the budget and the allotted time frame.

If you’re looking for landscaping contractors Georgina team with plenty of experience, contact M&S Architectural today.