There is something magical about cottage country and your landscaping should be no exception. M&S Architectural has over 30 years of experience planning and executing landscaping design-build projects that capture and perfectly highlight your unique outdoor living space and personal style. Whether you are already working with an architectural firm or need complete in-house Muskoka and cottage country landscaping design services, our team of professionals will creatively bring your vision to life.

Cottage country is the perfect backdrop for a number of landscaping styles and techniques. Whether you are looking for a charming pathway, vibrant garden or unique water feature, we can help. Some common cottage country landscaping elements include:

Pondscapes - Often made from natural stone and running water, a pondscape can transform your outdoor space into a serene sanctuary where you can relax, listen to the soothing sound of moving water and enjoy the beautiful element that a nature inspired pondscape delivers.

Floral Scapes- Cottage country often brings imagery of vast flower-filled landscapes and fresh, crisp air. At M&S Architectural, we create landscapes with vivid colours, like an admired painting. Enjoy every moment the beauty of Spring and Summer bring with our beautifully designed floral scapes. For those looking for annual blooms, we can create a stunning design that will stand out year round.

Paths, Walkways & Driveways - Let the entrance to your cottage be as beautiful and enchanted as the rest of your landscaping. Whether you prefer pillars, shrubs, full bushes, iron gates, gravel, turf or whatever else you can imagine, we can incorporate the perfect design and materials to create an inviting atmosphere. We carefully consider all shapes, materials, and dimensions from simple to extravagant to create a breathtaking path, driveway or walkway for your property.

For your landscaping project in the Muskoka or cottage country area, allow M&S Architectural to provide you with a turnkey quality landscape. We always strive to deliver a lasting, personalized design that will work in your environment. Ultimately, we want you and your family to enjoy your yard and feel like it is a personal oasis to relax and enjoy the company of others. Whether your project is small or large, contact us today to discuss your vision.