M&S Architectural has served the Newmarket area for over 30 years with landscaping design-build services that range from outdoor kitchens and covered seating areas to fireplaces and swimming pools and anything else to do with outdoor landscaping and urban gardening. M&S can work with architects hired directly by the client or provide its own in-house design team to create an overall landscape concept utilizing the ideas and suggestions presented by the customer. At M&S we have a wide-ranging team that can advance a project from concept to conclusion while keeping the client’s vision in mind.

If a client wishes to utilize our in-house design team, we offer a free, hour long initial consultation that will result in a no obligation estimate for the costs of a landscape concept design. Our consultants will meet with the client on the property to coordinate the client’s objectives with the existing landscape. Taking into account the client’s overall vision, our consultant will offer advice, suggestions and opinions regarding local bylaws, building permit issues, grading concerns and more to ensure a successful undertaking.

Our consultants are well-regarded for their listening skills as well as their expertise, not only in landscape design, but in local bylaws and building regulations. Our clients can trust that their ideas will be well regarded while remaining within the realm of Newmarket’s building codes.

Upon approval of the landscape concept design budget, our design team will create scalable, computer rendered drawings that allow the client to visualize their plan. All construction and landscaping needs will be laid out to allow for further alterations and adjustment. Once finalized, the drawings will provide the basis for an overall budget of the landscaping project.

With client approval of the landscaping budget, M&S will assign a qualified foreman who will supervise the project from beginning to end while acting as a liaison with the client. The foreman will be responsible for managing a team of skilled tradespeople who will execute and complete the project in accordance with the budget, time limitations and the client’s wishes.

By choosing M&S Architectural you will have hired a team that’s well known in the community and provides quality landscaping work.