Outdoor Kitchen Design: Some of the Most Popular Features

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March 11, 2015
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Outdoor Kitchen Design: Some of the Most Popular Features

Landscaping companies are seeing a surge of interest in outdoor kitchens. While the concept has always been popular in warmer climates, advances in materials and construction techniques have made it practical and cost effective for people who live in northern climes to enjoy outdoor kitchen facilities on a three season basis. Whether you live in King City, Caledon, Newmarket or Aurora, at M&S Architectural, we can show you how to incorporate a beautiful outdoor kitchen into your landscape renovation project. Below are a few ideas to consider if you are thinking about making more functional use of the space in your back yard.

  • Outdoor Kitchen Design Idea #1– A great idea as a focal point for your landscape renovation project is a barbecue island. Some other names for the same concept are kitchen island or a grilling island. This is a relatively low cost way to have an outdoor food prep option without investing in a full blown facility. Barbecue islands can run the gamut of pricing and features but they generally include a grill, storage cabinets and serving surfaces built into a single prefabricated “island” that can be made of stone, wood or almost any material that blends into the rest of your landscape design motif.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Design Idea #2 – For the grilling enthusiasts who like to entertain outside, taking the grill a step beyond the norm may be an option to consider. Argentine grills, rotisseries and Dutch ovens are available that can be incorporated into most outdoor kitchen designs. High end hybrid grills that can use wood, charcoal or gas are also a popular option. Pizza ovens will also add a unique personality to your outdoor area that takes outdoor food preparation to a new level.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Design Idea #3 – Many outdoor kitchens are located over a roof or overhang, creating a semi-enclosed space. This type of design creates an opportunity for creative lighting and air movement features that provide guests and yourself with an environment combining the best of both inside and outdoors. If your outdoor kitchen area includes a roof, a combination of pendant lighting over the eating area plus some recessed can lights are an ideal lighting solution. Also, don’t forget to have one or two ceiling fans for sufficient air movement.
  • Outdoor Kitchen Design Idea #4 – Mini-appliances are the most practical and efficient options for an outdoor kitchen area. A small built in or portable mini-fridge works well for most outdoor kitchens. We don’t usually think of storing a week’s worth of food in an outdoor refrigerator so one that is big enough for a single serving event will do just fine.

These are just a few of an almost endless list of ideas to consider when designing an outdoor kitchen. Personal tastes and preferences can be most effectively accommodated with a little planning and some close coordination between yourself and a landscape and renovation company that is experienced in these areas.

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