landscape myths

There are plenty of landscaping myths floating around these days. Below, we will take a look at 4 common ones.

Plant Varieties Don’t Matter

When it comes to the types of plants you’re using in your yard, don’t just go for the cheapest ones available. You need to have a long term plan when it comes to the types of plants you’re buying because if you don’t foresee what that low cost plant will look like a decade later, you may be in for a big surprise.  By understanding the various growth stages of the plants you’re considering you can save yourself a lot of headache later on.

 It’s Easy To DIY

Everybody likes to think they’re quite handy and able to pull of Do It Yourself projects without any problem.  However, the reality is often far different, especially when it comes to the technical aspects of landscaping.  Of course, a homeowner can and should perform tasks such as lawn mowing or garden weeding, but there are landscaping jobs that really should be done by a professional.  Tree installation and pruning, landscape bed preparation and overall planning are types of jobs that require skill and experience.

 Grass And Plants Should Be Cut And Pruned Often

If you believe that cutting your grass or pruning your bushes, shrubs and trees to an extreme level will mean you won’t have to do it as often, you may not realize that you’re actually causing damage.  By cutting your grass too short it’s possible to dry out the soil and harm the root system.  Lawn grass should be kept between 2 and 3 inches in length.  Knowing how and when to prune bushes, shrubs and trees really depends on the species, so going on a pruning binge on all your plants at the same time is inadvisable.

 There’s No Such Thing As A Landscaping Strategy

Without an overall landscaping plan, it’s possible to go from results that just don’t look very good to results that can actually damage your house or property.  Knowing the long term growth patterns of all the trees and plants you’re using will play an important role in where they should be located or if they should be used at all.  As such, a well thought out strategy is important to achieve results that fit into your long term plans while ensuring the proper elements are used to safely develop that plan.