pool landscaping

Everybody loves a swimming pool – especially in the summer.  However, a swimming pool is more than just a hole in the ground filled with water.  If that was the case, it’d be more likely you had a pond, slough or swamp in your backyard!  Swimming pools require a lot of equipment to run properly.  And without proper ideas to hide that equipment, it can make an unsightly mess of your backyard.  In this article, we go over the top landscaping methods used to hide pool equipment.


Plants are great for hiding pool equipment because they afford a natural look that blends in to your backyard.  Planting a stand of small trees, shrubs or bushes in front of your pool pump and filtering equipment is a good way to hide the machinery while still keeping it accessible for maintenance.  However, you should keep in mind that certain plants don’t go well around pools.  These include plants that drop a lot of leaves or pollen, attract insects, have long root systems or grow spines and thorns.  Consider hedges or grasses that don’t get too overgrown and are easy to maintain.


Using fencing to create and enclosure for pool equipment creates an instant screen that’s quick and easy to install.  You can use a wide variety of material such as wood, vinyl or plastic to create a simple enclosure that still allows easy access for maintenance.  You can complete the enclosure by adding a roof to help your pool equipment withstand rough weather conditions.


Putting together a shed to enclose your pool equipment ensures that the gear is protected from inclement weather while being nicely hidden away.  Having a shed means you can also store your pool chemicals without having to worry that they’ll be dissolved and washed away when it rains.  If your shed is large enough it could also be used as a changing room and storage area for wet swimsuits and towels.

Pool House

The granddaddy of all this list’s ideas is the pool house.  As a fully constructed additional building in your backyard, not only can it store your pool equipment and chemicals and act as a changing room, it could be put to other uses as well.  Consider adding a sauna, entertainment  system or guest bedroom.  It really depends on your needs and imagination.