backyard lighting

The time you spend landscaping your yard may seem like it’s time well spent, but if you, your family and your guests can’t see the fruits of your labour, is it really worth the effort?  Depending on the season, much of your property will be cloaked in darkness for the better part of each day. Without adding some artificial light not only will your hard work be invisible, it might actually become dangerous.  To help highlight the work you’ve put into your yard as well as keep things safe for those who are using it we’ve come up with some top tips for transform your landscaping with lighting.

Consider Timers

You probably don’t want to artificially illuminate your yard 24 hours a day.  But sometimes it’s easy to forget to turn your lights on or off at the right time.  You can automate the process by adding timers to the lights that you’d like to turn on or off at appropriate times during the day.  These cheap add ons will ensure your property remains safe and well lit even if you’re not around to tend to the job yourself.

Go Solar

Solar powered lights provide the double advantage of not using any expensive electricity as well as turning themselves on or off depending on the lighting conditions.  During the day they’ll absorb sunlight and store the generated power and once the sun goes down they’ll light up and illuminate the area. Once again you just set these up and leave them to do their job.  They’re also really handy for areas that are too far from any electrical outlet to use conventional lighting.

Motion Detectors

Motion detecting lights save on energy while still illuminating dark spots when needed.  Motion detecting lights can also add a sense of drama when placed along a pathway. As you or your guests amble along, the lighting incrementally reveals the line of passage.  Motion detectors can also be used as a type of security lighting by bringing attention to intruders if they stray onto your property.