Think the usable space of your home is limited to the indoors? Think again! Outdoor kitchen design is gaining in popularity for homes of all sizes, and it’s not hard to see why. With proper landscape design and outdoor kitchen design, you can create an incredible home addition without adding any new walls!

If you like to entertain, or simply enjoy being outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is an excellent way to expand your living space and increase the value of your home at the same time. There are, however, some things you need to think about before you start building.

Keys to an Excellent Outdoor Kitchen Design

  1. Appliances

Before you begin anything else, you need to decide what type of appliances and cooking spaces you want. These appliances will be built in to the design, so it’s important to know exactly what you want before you start planning. Will a regular barbeque be adequate? Do you want to incorporate a brick oven for pizza? What about a refrigerator or a sink for washing up?

  1. Counter Space

A good outdoor kitchen design boasts functionality. Be sure to have enough counter space on either side of the barbeque or other cooking elements so that you can do your prep work outside. One of the main benefits of an outdoor cooking space is that you won’t be running back and forth between your main kitchen and the outdoors.

  1. Social Gathering

Outdoor kitchen design usually incorporates a living and/or dining area as well. Think about how these will flow together, like the equivalent room inside your home. Add a bar counter and stools so that your guests or family members can sit with the cook, creating a more social atmosphere. Not everyone has space for a full outdoor living area, but some sort of seating design is definitely important.

  1. Roofing

You don’t want your outdoor grilling party cut short on account of rain, or the chef getting heat stroke from standing in the sun. Incorporating a roof over the kitchen is an excellent way to protect the chef, and also protect your appliances, making them last longer.

  1. Climate

Many outdoor living spaces are focused on climates that stay warm all year round. But people who experience harsh winters have even more reason to celebrate the warm weather with a beautiful outdoor space. You can even add a fire pit so that you can enjoy your renovation in the winter too. Many materials can crack and move in cold weather though, so hiring a professional landscape designer may be beneficial to determine the best choices for your location.

  1. Ambiance

Don’t forget to incorporate outdoor accent lighting, and beautiful landscaping. Think of resorts with warm lighting and beautiful flowers.

There is a lot to think about when designing a kitchen outdoors. At M & S Architectural, we have been designing unique, beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces in the Newmarket, Aurora, King City, and Caledon areas for many years. We can work with you from start to finish, creating a budget and design plan that fits your individual needs. Give us a call today to get started!