What is Hardscape Landscaping Construction?

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When it comes to landscaping there are two main types:  hardscaping and softscaping. What is hardscape landscaping construction and how is it different from softscape landscaping construction?  In this article we’ll go over the basics and give you some ideas on how these concepts can affect the look of your property.

What Is The Difference Between Hardscaping And Softscaping?

Hardscaping describes all the non-living aspects of your landscape whereas softscaping refers to the plants, trees, grasses, flowers and other foliage on your property.  Hardscaping can be decorative, practical or both. Examples of decorative hardscaping elements would be things like rock gardens, water features and archways. However, most hardscaping features are both practical and decorative at the same time.  This could include fencing, gates, patios, pathways, gazebos, flower boxes, retaining walls and more.

What Is The Importance Of Hardscaping?

As pointed out, hardscaping can be purely decorative, but very often it’s a practical concern that prompts its implementation.  Things like steps and stair wells might be necessary to access certain areas of your yard. Gates and fences provide security while delineating property lines.  Creation of hills or gulleys can direct water flow and prevent flooding. But just because hardscaping is necessary doesn’t mean it has to be unattractive. A little creativity can make even the most mundane practicality look interesting.

What’s The Best Use Of Hardscaping?

When it comes to actually introducing hardscape structures onto your property it’s often best to begin with practical concerns.  Maybe a part of your garden needs some shade or you need a pathway from the house to the back of the property. Maybe you need to install a retaining wall to prevent erosion.  Whatever your practical concerns may be, a solution can be found through a hardscaping project. Once you’ve understood how to address the practical concerns you can come up with ways to beautify the installation.

Balancing Hardscaping And Softscaping

Balance is the key when it comes to hardscaping and softscaping.  Too many hardscape structures can make an area seem overcrowded, congested and bleak.  Concentrating too much on softscaping can result in a look that’s overgrown, wild and unkempt.  Creating a balance between the two will produce ideal results.


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