4 New Year’s Landscaping Resolutions

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A new year is traditionally a time for personal resolutions.  But for the gardener, landscaper or outdoor enthusiast, the new year can also be a time for landscaping resolutions.  In this article we’ll list some ideas you can use to enhance your outdoor enjoyment in the coming year.

Conserve Water

Clean, fresh water is becoming one of the more valuable resources we have access to.  Instead of taking it for granted, resolve to become more mindful of its use and misuse.  There are many ways to cutback on water use including coming up with alternatives to grass lawns, looking for drought resistant plant varieties and installing automated irrigation systems.  You can also make better use of the water already available to you by implementing rain barrels, fixing your eavestroughs and installing low flow spouts.


Composting not only reduces food and garden waste, it repurposes what might end up in the landfill while creating a useful substance that many people pay good money to acquire.  And since a compost pile does most of the hard work itself, it’s an easy way to feel more involved in what’s going on in your backyard while rewarding you with a valuable and tangible resource.  Resolve to install a compost bin this year and start throwing your food and garden scraps into it rather than the garbage can.

Grow Food

This is another resolution that results in a tangible reward.  It’s easy to start off small with a few plants so you don’t become overwhelmed with gardening chores.  But once you experience the initial harvest it may set you on the path to become more ambitious in forthcoming seasons.  Try it out with a few of your favourite, easy growing plants and see if it can open a door to a new gardening passion.

Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Gasoline powered lawn mowers not only create air pollution, they also create noise pollution.  Consider switching to a manual mower if the size of your lawn allows it.  Utilize the sun and your backyard to dry your clothes rather than using an electric powered clothes dryer.  Solar powered lighting has come a long way and allows you to light up your backyard without using electricity.  Look at using some of the space in your backyard or rooftop for solar panels which can reduce your electric bills at the same time as your greenhouse gas emissions.

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