halloween landscaping

The changing of the seasons is the perfect time to update the look of your home and yard.  The fall season provides a number of styles and themes from which you can borrow to update the look of your property.  In this article, we’ll go over a number of ways we can celebrate the changing of the seasons by providing some Halloween landscaping ideas.

Autumnize Your Entryway

With the leaves changing colour from green to oranges, reds and browns you carry on with this theme and decorate your house’s front door area.  Think about adding a wreath of fall coloured leaves to your front door.  You can add a dry flower arrangement, very appropriate for the autumn season, to your front porch or steps.  Standing a golden sheaf of wheat in a farmhouse metal pitcher or milking urn will also evoke the harvest season.

Spookify Your Walkway

There are a number of ways to make your home appear spooky.  Simply adding a skeleton and some tombstones to your lawn will signify the coming celebration.  You can also string up some fake spider webs or Halloween lights (yes, they are a now a thing!) along your front walkway to increase the creepiness.

Pumpkins And Gourds

With the pumpkin being the main symbol of Halloween and gourds signifying the fall season, these are great additions to an autumn themed decorating style.  Line some pumpkins along your front walkway or set them up on your porch.  Alternately, fill a basket with colourful gourds or squash to leave by your front door.

Autumn Annuals

Now is the season to showcase cold-resistant, hardy autumn annual plants.  The colours of ornamental kales become more vibrant as the weather grows cooler.  Chrysanthemums flower in the fall and boast colours that are in touch with the season.  Other annuals such as pansies and violas thrive in cooler weather.

Rustic Accessories

Rustic looking pieces go hand in hand with the autumn season.  A galvanized steel washtub placed on your porch can act as a holder for pumpkins and gourds, dried grasses or decorative bundles of tree branches.  A stack of firewood can be both functional and fashionable as the temperatures drop.  You might also want to consider gardening tools for their decorative effect as well as having them handy for your weekend chores.  An aged wheelbarrow, rusty rake and old fashioned spade not only accent the season with their looks, but with their functionality as well.


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