andscaping cleanup guide

Before the winter snows take over your yard, you’ll want to get out there and clean the area to give your lawn and garden a chance to survive the cold.  In this post we’ll go over some of the landscaping clean up chores you should complete during the autumn to give your yard the best chance for a fruitful spring awakening

Remove The Leaves

Not only will raking up the leaves make your yard look neater, it will allow your lawn and garden to breathe properly over the winter and prevent molds and pests from settling in for the season.  If your lawn is covered with too many leaves its growth will be inhibited come spring.

Till The Garden

Once you’ve taken all the produce out of your garden you can till the leftover vegetation into the soil to let it decompose over the winter.  Now is also the time to add a layer of compost over the soil which will act as a conditioner come spring.

Fertilize For Winter

Late fall fertilizing of your lawn and garden is recommended for the forthcoming period of dormancy.  The fertilizer can replenish the nutrients taken by flowers and vegetables from your garden beds and prevent your lawn from being damaged by winter weather.  Ideally you should apply fertilizer late enough in the season that most growth has slowed or already stopped but before the ground freezes.

Trim The Trees

Winter can be tough on trees so you’ll want to trim any overgrown branches before the snow falls.  High winds and the extra weight of snow on tree branches can cause them to break, so make sure any tree limbs that are close to your house or other structures are cut back before any damage can occur.

Winterize Water Sources

Frozen pipes can cause a lot of difficulties during the winter, so to prevent burst pipes and water problems, make sure to winterize your outdoor water sources.  Drain, roll up and store your garden hoses while turning off the water source to these outlets.  Neglecting to do this will result in burst pipes and a mess you do not want to contend with in the winter.


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