Winter Landscape Planning

Landscaping is generally considered a warm weather job.  You probably aren’t planning on working on your yard in the midst of yet another snowstorm. However, there are plenty of good reasons to start thinking about your landscaping project in the winter months.  To prove the point, we’ve put together a list of four reasons to plan your landscaping project this winter.

Ease Of Visualization

When your property is covered in snow and the blooms are all dormant, you’re working with a blank slate.  The winter season can help spark your imagination and allow you to visualize what you’d like your yard to look like.  You don’t have the distraction of everything that’s already there. Winter allows you to take advantage of cold-weather dormancy and work from a virtually blank canvas.

Ease Of Problem Identification

Winter will allow you to see where you have potential problems on your property.  When everything is in full bloom, it becomes much easier to ignore the corner of your garden that tends to flood or the bare spot next to your beautifully blooming peonies.  Allow yourself to see how your garden truly grows by looking at it when it’s dormant.

Ease Of Access To Professionals

Trying to book time with a landscaping design firm during spring or summer can be an exercise in futility.  These professionals are typically awash with work during the landscaping high season.  If you’re planning your landscaping project in the winter you have a better chance of grabbing an attentive ear of a landscape designer without much competition.

Ease Of Access To Materials

It can sometimes become quite difficult to source your ideal materials in the middle of the summer.  Plants, soil and even hardscaping materials can end up selling out long before the peak of the season. If you’re already planning your landscaping project in the winter, you’ll have first crack at all the products at the gardening centre once it comes time to get to work.  You may even find it cheaper to source your materials during the off-season.