landscaping in the cold

Although some people might think that the cold winter weather is an excuse to forget about your landscaping needs, the exact opposite is actually true.  Winter allows you to prepare for the upcoming spring and get things in order to make the seasonal transition an easy one.  Here are some landscaping questions to consider during the cold season.

What Do You Have To Work With?

By understanding exactly what type of space you have to work with, you’ll be able to come up with a plan in mind before you begin any actual planting.  By assessing the type of soil you’re working with, the moisture in the area, and the general topography of your yard, you’ll be able to ascertain exactly what needs to be done to get everything ready for the approaching spring.

What Will Your Set Up Be?

When considering landscape design you need to keep in mind how easy it will be to move around the area.  Even if you end up with an incredibly beautiful space, if you aren’t able to access it for regular maintenance it’ll soon grow out of control.  Take into account how your house fits into the general design.  Examine how the walkways integrate with the planted materials and how water or other features help highlight the positioning of trees and shrubs.  By planning for accessibility and unity among all the various elements you benefit from both beauty and function.

What Materials Will You Use?

By carefully considering the types of materials that you’ll be using, you’ll be able to create a continuity that matches the entire landscape.  Whether you prefer to work with stones and gravels, barks and mulches or a combination of them all, understand that different materials will lend different flavours to the area and if envisaged deliberately can be used to great effect.

The Winter Plan

By developing and implementing a winter plan you can be assured that your yard is ready to welcome the spring weather and the growth that accompanies it.  An overview of your area matched to the timeframe you have to work within will give rise to a simple plan.  Use the winter months wisely so you can prepare for and enjoy the benefits of the spring thaw.

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