Increase Your Home's Value Through Landscaping

It’s often thought that kitchens and bathrooms are the best places to start when trying to increase the value of your property.  But there might be an even cheaper way of improving your selling price with a similar return on investment.  In this article, we’ll teach you how to increase your home’s value with landscaping.

The Front Yard Spruce Up

Your front yard will be the first impression that a potential buyer gets when viewing your house.  And you know what they say about first impressions.  Ensure that it’s a good one by tidying up, mowing the lawn, making sure the house paint is on point and planting some fresh flowers.  An afternoon’s work could make the difference between a sale and hosting an endless parade of disappointed viewers.

Add A Vegetable Garden

A bountiful-looking vegetable garden can quickly add value to your property.  The sight of ripening fruits and vegetables can persuade a potential buyer that they’re looking at a desirable living space.  If the timing isn’t right for a full harvest, invest in some pre-grown vegetable plants to add a bit of colour to the existing foliage.

Add An Outdoor Living Area

By making your yard look comfortable and ready to live in, you’ll give potential buyers the belief that they could easily relax in the area themselves.  A well-appointed patio or deck, a fire pit, a pergola and/or an outdoor kitchen will get viewers envisioning how they would use the space once they became the owner.  Anything that gives a sense of an outdoor space that can be used and enjoyed will make your property seem more valuable.

Create An Environmentally Friendly Landscape

In an era where drought, excess water runoff and invasive species are on the minds of many, creating an environmentally friendly landscape will cater to those who are willing to pay a premium for an already eco-friendly home.  Planting native species with low water needs, encouraging ground permeability and making the most of rainfall will lower water bills, increase sustainability and boost your asking price.