Top Garden Trends of 2023

2023 Garden Trends

Gardening has always been a popular pastime. And with the huge numbers of people who spent time at home due to the pandemic, interest in gardening has skyrocketed. As we look ahead to 2023, it’s clear that gardening will continue to be a popular activity and some exciting trends are emerging. In this article, we’ll […]

10 Tips for a Sustainable Landscape Design

Sustainable Landscape Design Tips

Use Native Plants  Native plants are better-suited to local climate and soil conditions, require less water and support local wildlife. Not only that, they’ll grow better than your expensive exotic imports! Go Organic Avoid synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that can harm beneficial insects and soil health. Instead, use organic methods such as composting and crop […]

How To Prepare Your Plants For The Winter

Prepare Plants For Winter

Now that summer is over and winter relentlessly advances, it’s time to ready what plants you have left for the colder climate.  In this post, we provide some tips on how to prepare your plants for the winter. Get Rid Of Diseased Plants While it’s always beneficial to allow dying plants to rot naturally and […]

Top Halloween Landscaping Ideas

Halloween Landscaping Ideas

Halloween provides you with an excellent opportunity to be creative around your yard. Check out our top Halloween Landscaping Ideas.

How to Prepare Your Garden for Autumn

Prepare Your Garden For Autumn

While fall is typically the time of year to enjoy the fruits of the work you’ve done throughout the spring and summer, there are still a few things you should do to ensure the following year is just as productive. In this post, we’ll explain how to prepare your garden for autumn. This will not […]

Landscaping Tips After Labour Day

Landscaping Tips After Labour Day

The growing season may be over, but you should think twice if you think your garden duties are finished for the year! While it may be tempting to pack things in until next year, accomplishing some tasks in the fall can set you up for an even better growing season come spring. If you’re looking […]

Top Summer Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Summer Landscaping Tips Toronto

When the warmer weather arrives, most of us tend to spend more time outdoors.  This is when all the hard work you put into springtime landscaping pays off.  However, summer isn’t time to completely neglect your landscaping duties – there are still some things to stay on top of.  In this post, we provide the […]