How To Make Your Landscape Eco Friendly

As the saying goes, being eco friendly is more than just a trend – it’s a lifestyle.  Taking care of the environment and acting sustainably are things that need to be practiced in as many aspects of our lives as possible.  Although every little bit helps, making sustainable decisions about certain things will have a greater impact than others. For example, our landscaping techniques often directly affect the environment.  In this post, we discuss how to make your landscaping eco friendly.

Collect Rainwater

Collecting rainwater and using it on your plants reduces the amount of treated water that your household consumes.  While water from the tap may seem like a neverending resource, the fact is that water scarcity is affecting more parts of the world and country than ever.  Even if you live in an area with an abundant water supply, it shouldn’t be taken for granted.  Collecting rainwater and using it for your landscaping needs is much more eco friendly than relying on your garden tap.


Kitchen scraps, lawn clippings and other leftover organic materials can be used to create your own compost.  Not only does the practice prevent these things from ending up in the landfill, but they also reduce the need for purchasing soil.  Make better use of what would end up being thrown into the garbage by starting to compost instead.

Reduce Or Eliminate Fertilizers And Pesticides

If you can avoid using fertilizers and pesticides, both your family and the environment will be better off.  Eliminating the use of these substances will ensure they aren’t unwittingly introduced into your day-to-day lifestyle.  If you feel the need to rely on these additives make sure to follow the instructions carefully and not overapply them.

Encourage Wildlife

Certain landscaping decisions can create an environment that encourages the success of wildlife.  Growing flowering plants can help feed bumble bees, butterflies and certain types of birds.  Providing a source of water can help birds and small mammals.  Shrubs and other greenery can protect all sorts of wildlife.  Encouraging wildlife not only increases the area’s biodiversity, but it can also provide you with entertainment as well.