holiday landscaping

With your autumn landscaping cleanup chores hopefully behind you, you can now look forward to decorating for the holiday season.  Your front yard can be an excellent canvas for allowing your holiday creativity to flourish.  If you’re having trouble envisioning what it should look like, here are some tips to help get you going.

Add A Wreath To Your Door

It’s a classic holiday decoration for a reason.  Adding a wreath to your front door is a simple yet effective way to signify the holiday season.  The circle suggests eternity and the circle of life, while the evergreen branches from which it’s made symbolizes everlasting existence and growth.

Wrap Garland Around Your Stair Rails

Garland is a traditional holiday decoration that’s also very versatile.  Add some greenery to your front steps by wrapping garland around the stair rails.  You can also stretch it out to go around your front door.  The greenery of garland is also symbolic of everlasting life.

Add Elves And Some Reindeer

Although the popular carol sings about 8 reindeer plus Rudolph, that may be a lot of action depending on how big your yard is.  However, if you have the energy for a larger holiday scene,  consider adding some elves and a reindeer or a few.

Light Up Your Trees

If you have trees in your yard, consider wrapping them in Christmas lights.  If you don’t have trees or they’re too tall to allow you to reach the top, you can always call your hedges or small bushes into service.  String lights should be easy to place in your shrubs and hedges and will give your yard an instant pop once you plug them in.

Add Some Outdoor Decorative Trees

A solution for those without evergreens growing in your yard is to add some small, temporary trees to decorate.  You can place cut or growing trees into large pots and place them along your front path or near your front door to add a holiday feel.  Trim them with some all-weather holiday decorations to make them stand out even more.


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