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With modified attitudes about conservation, the environment and the effects of human impact, landscaping and gardening trends have also been changing.  As we realize resources such as fresh water, clean air and pollinating insects may not be as abundant as we once thought they were, the ideas of continuous lawn watering and liberal pesticide and herbicide use do not seem as normal as they did in the past.  In accordance with our changing values, here are the top landscaping and gardening trends for 2017.  


Backyard Farming


Organic food and locally grown produce has been steadily growing in popularity in our supermarkets and fruit stands.  Taking this one step further, more and more people are utilizing their garden space to grow their own foods.  By being in control of the types of foods grown and the methods of weeding and pest control, backyard food production has become a popular way to ensure we’re eating the healthiest food possible.  In some jurisdictions it’s even possible to raise chickens allowing for fresh eggs and meat.


Back To The Wild


Large, green manicured lawns with the ever present sprinkler system has become anachronistic in 2017.  Allowing plants that would naturally grow in the wild to take over our backyards allows for lowered water use, reduced need for herbicides and pesticides and the abandonment of noisy and polluting lawnmowers.  Naturally occurring plants also attract pollinating insects, butterflies and birds.  If you still believe a rolling lawn is an important part of your yard, new advances in so called eco-grasses have produced drought resistant, slow growing fescues that flourish without the need of fertilizers or regular mowing.


Bright Paints


One of the newest trends take its cue from old world countries such as Greece or Spain where bright colours, such as blue, yellow or orange are applied to the surrounding buildings and furnishings to create a strong contrast with the natural colours of the surroundings.  A brightly painted door, fence or piece of outdoor furniture gives a pop of colour to the yard and adds to its cheeriness and energy.


Backyard Luxury


Being concerned about conservation and sustainability doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice luxury.  Adding a gazebo, outdoor fireplace or high end item such as a hot tub or swimming pool allows the backyard to assume a central role on the estate.  Not only do these things promote the idea of getting outdoors more often, they add value to the property.

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