Light Up Your Landscape
Christmas light decorations

‘Tis the season to light up your landscape!  For some, it’s a joyful occasion, whereas for others it’s a time that can be filled with frustration and annoyance.  To help ensure that you remain in the Christmas spirit while tackling this job, we’ve put together a list of four holiday tips to light up your landscape.

Switch To LED

If you’ve had your Christmas lights for several years, chances are they still use incandescent bulbs.  Even if they’re still working, there’s a good argument for switching to LED now.  Not only will you end up spending less time replacing burnt-out bulbs, but you’ll also be using a lot less energy.  And during a season when finances typically go out the window, not having to worry about an outrageous electricity bill can make it possible to breathe a little easier.

Opt For Shorter Lengths 

When choosing strings of lights, it’s tempting to go for a single string that will take care of all your lighting needs.  However, you can save yourself a lot of aggravation by opting for several shorter strings of lights instead.  Not only is there less chance that a short string of lights will get tangled, but when it invariably does, it’ll be much easier to straighten out.  Shorter strings of lights are also much easier to get into position.

Ensure Lights Are Rated For Outdoor Use

You need to ensure that your outdoor lights, fixtures and extension cords are explicitly approved for outdoor use.  This should be indicated on the packaging or on the lights or cords themselves.  Outdoor lighting and extension cords will also have a three-pronged plug.  If yours only has a two-pronged plug it shouldn’t be used outside.

Only Use Outdoor Electrical Receptacles

If you’re using lighting outdoors, those lights need to be plugged into outdoor receptacles.  Avoid plugging them into indoor receptacles and feeding the cable through a window or door.  There’s a high chance that the door or window edges can damage the cord and increase the possibility of electrical shock or fire.