Spruce Up Your Spring Landscape

As the days get longer and the weather begins to warm, it’s time to start preparing your landscaping for the upcoming outdoor-living seasons.  There are many things you can do early on that provide an immediate effect while setting yourself up for a beautiful and comfortable summer.  In this post, we’ll go over four ways to spruce up your spring landscaping.

The Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning isn’t only for the inside of your home, it’s for the outdoors as well.  A long winter can leave your landscape looking a bit shabby and covered in decaying detritus.  Giving the area a good spring cleaning is a great place to start.  Raking up leftover leaves, picking up broken branches and mowing the grass will give you a fresh canvas to work with.  Pressure washing walkways and patios can also brighten things up a lot.  If you have a water feature, now is the time to rid it of any accumulated dirt or algae.

Add A Colourful Mulch

Laying down a colourful mulch around the bases of your trees and the edges of your garden beds can add a nice counterpoint to the green of the lawn and the brown of the soil.  Mulches come in all sorts of colours and textures these days, so choose something that appeals to your aesthetic sensibilities while providing a punch of contrast.

Add Some Edging

Adding defined borders to your pathways, garden beds and other aspects of your landscape helps guide the eye around the area while providing a sense of order.  Edging can take many forms.  Digging a small trench into the grass alongside passageways or patios provides a clean line.  Low fencing, living plants, stones or tiles provide a similar sense of order with a slightly different flair.

Add A Focal Point

If you don’t already have a focal point in your landscaping scheme, springtime is the best time to add one.  It’ll give you something to work around during the rest of the year.  What your focal point should be ultimately comes down to your personal aesthetic, but adding at least one will help create a sense of order.  Whether a tree, a water feature or some other type of structure, the focal point can provide the foundation for the rest of your landscaping endeavors.