Rock vs Mulch: Which is Better?

Rock vs Mulch

Ground covering is used by gardeners for several different reasons.  It can help inhibit the growth of weeds, prevent soil erosion, reduce water evaporation or just plain make the area look nicer.  When it comes to choosing a type of ground covering, gardeners have long asked themselves, “Rock vs mulch:  Which is better?”  In this […]

Five Ways Landscaping Boosts Curb Appeal

Five Ways Landscaping Boosts Curb Appeal

You might want to increase your property’s curb appeal to boost its value and increase its attractiveness to potential buyers.  Or you might simply want it to look better for your own personal enjoyment.  Whatever the reason behind making your property look better, we’ve put together a list of five ways landscaping boosts curb appeal. […]

Living Walls 101


Living walls are essentially vertical gardens that are adhered to walls with porous material that holds water and nutrients within and were first created more than 30 years ago in France by artist and botanist Patrick Blanc. They are now used widely in both commercial buildings and high-end residences, adding a stunning touch, because they […]