Living walls are essentially vertical gardens that are adhered to walls with porous material that holds water and nutrients within and were first created more than 30 years ago in France by artist and botanist Patrick Blanc. They are now used widely in both commercial buildings and high-end residences, adding a stunning touch, because they are living art!


There are, however, plenty of other benefits to having a living wall.  Here are some of the many reasons you should consider a living wall in your space.

Clean Living

Plants absorb pollutants and clean the air! As they use 1000 or more plants, the rewards of a living wall can be huge. Careful research will let you choose the best plants for air purification and the best varieties for other benefits to the people enjoying them, such as heightened concentration and improved healing.

Peaceful Living

Plant leaves naturally deflect and dampen noise for a calmer, less distracting environment.

Temperate Living

The surface of an outside living wall is up to 15°C cooler than an exposed wall, and will let less heat into the building. An indoor green wall can cool a room by approximately 3 to 7°C and reduce electricity bills by up to 20%! In the winter, living walls insulate, preventing heat from escaping and frigid air from coming in.

Healthy Living

Living walls 101 landscapingPlants create oxygen that provides positive physiological effects. A living wall will help improve mood, relieve tiredness, reduce stress and boost productivity. People tend to feel better when plants are around and take fewer sick days.

Upscale Living

As well as being stylish, a living wall will promote a company’s green image. Also, studies have shown that plants in and around a building or home can increase real estate values by up to 20%.

Secure living

Living walls can save you money on structural repairs! Temperature fluctuations can cause the expansion and contraction of a building’s walls, leading to cracks and deterioration. The gap of air between a living wall and the building’s wall will help reduce the variation in temperature and help stop this damage. An exterior living wall will shelter the building from rain, corrosion, UV rays and wind.


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