Pool Landscaping Ideas

If you’re lucky enough to have a swimming pool, creating the proper setting is something that should be considered.  Ideally, you’ll create an inviting environment that ensures the pool gets used rather than ignored.  It’d be a shame for such a big investment to go to waste, so constructing the ideal conditions should be at the top of your mind.  To help you make the most welcoming atmosphere possible, we’ve put together a list of three pool landscaping tips.

Choose An Ideal Timeline

The best time to be working on pool landscaping design is in early spring or late fall.  If you live in an area where winters aren’t too harsh, you might consider wintertime as well.  Firstly, you want to spend the warmest parts of the year swimming, not working on landscaping.  Getting your landscaping done in the offseason ensures you can make the most of the good weather.  Secondly, it can be difficult to hire contractors in the middle of the summer.  This is the peak season for landscaping contractors, so schedules are apt to be tight and prices higher.

Give Yourself Some Privacy

Privacy works in a few different ways.  It can benefit you and your neighbours, while also making the neighbourhood safer.  By giving yourself some privacy, you and your guests will feel much more comfortable using the pool.  You won’t feel like you’re being spied upon as you walk around in your bathing suit.  By blocking out sightlines, your neighbours won’t feel the need to avert their eyes when you’re enjoyng the pool.  Effective use of separation can also reduce the noise levels that they experience.  Preventing passersby from seeing your pool will also deter young children and mischief-makers from accessing the water without your knowledge or permission.  

Know Your Trees

If you plan on using trees as part of your swimming pool landscape design, it’s important to know their characteristics.  Long, probing roots can cause trouble with inground swimming pool foundations.  Trees that produce messy fruit, shed a lot of pollen or frequently lose their leaves will see you spending more time cleaning your pool than swimming in it.  Speak to swimming pool experts for advice on the right kind of trees for your pool landscaping design needs.