What Is Topsoil Used For?

what is topsoil

Both new and experienced gardeners may use or come across terms that they don’t know the actual meaning of.  This is especially true for seemingly generic words that are often used to describe many different things.  Topsoil is one of these words.  In this article we’ll describe what topsoil is and what it is not […]

Rock vs Mulch: Which is Better?

Rock vs Mulch

Ground covering is used by gardeners for several different reasons.  It can help inhibit the growth of weeds, prevent soil erosion, reduce water evaporation or just plain make the area look nicer.  When it comes to choosing a type of ground covering, gardeners have long asked themselves, “Rock vs mulch:  Which is better?”  In this […]

Can You Plant In The Fall?

Fall Plants

Just because winter is fast approaching, doesn’t mean it’s the end of growing season! Find out what you can plant in the Fall.

Outdoor Kitchen

Enhance and expand your outdoor space and living area by building a custom Outdoor Kitchen and Serving area.

Weathered Limestone Retaining Walls

Soft flowing Weathered Limestone walls gently follow the pool and hill side. Planting pockets soften the edges and create an oasis to be enjoyed in this picturesc country estate landscape.

Cambridge Back Yard Retreat

Cambridge Back Yard Retreat

Custom landscape and water feature with soft sodded edges around Custom Gunite Pool by Betz Pools Ltd for elegant setting.